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Student Leaders Are Expanding Early Voting On Campuses Nationwide

Forbes, Eddy Zerbe | Civic Nation:

With Vote Early Day on Saturday, October 24th, these numbers are bound to arise over the course of the next week, setting records across the country. But early voting is nothing new, and we’ve known the benefits for decades now. We know that when people vote early, they can avoid problems that prevent them from voting on Election Day, they can help shorten voting lines on Election Day, and this year, these shorter voting lines can make it easier to socially distance and vote safely.

We also know that when people have more accessible voting options, they tend to vote at higher rates. That is why MTV, the Alliance for Youth Organizing, Campus Vote Project, and the Students Learn Students Vote Coalition banded together to start a first-of-its-kind initiative: +1 the Polls, to help expand voting options on college campuses around the country, including early and on-campus voting. Through this new national initiative, we have created resources, offered support, and distributed funding to help students and campus leaders take on this work.

Read the full article here.


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