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Tapping the Youth Vote: Student Voting Efforts Continue Despite COVID-19

Diverse Education, Dynahlee Padilla:

COSpace streamlines and localizes information about voting and the Census. One social media initiative includes the photo campaign called “ClaimingMyVote” — this campaign allows individuals to express their intersectional reasons for voting today.

COSpace members also host in-person socially distant “popups” that include English speakers, non-English speakers and ASL interpreters who help community members register to vote, fill out the Census and understand the impact their vote can have.

Nonprofit organizations such as Rock The Vote, The Voter Participation Center, the Student Learn Students Vote Coalition (SLSV) and the Campus Vote Project are among the many efforts to reach the youth in masses as well.

For Louissaint and many others, “Black lives matter. Climate change … is also on the ballot. Sexuality and who you love is on the ballot. Health care is on the ballot. There are so many different things and everybody has a stake in it. It’s just realizing that those differences come together to create unity and the need for change.”

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