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The University is nationally recognized as a Voter Friendly Campus for the third year in a row

Nevada TODAY, Staff report:

The Voter Friendly Campus initiative, led by national nonpartisan organizations Campus Vote Project and NASPA - Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education, acknowledged the University for efforts during pandemic.

In a normal calendar year, faculty in higher education will write a detailed plan at the beginning of the year to map out how to encourage student voting. Considering the pandemic hit last year in March, relatively early in the year, the designation plan had to be rewritten.

This meant no more in-person voting booths or tables to encourage students to vote. All efforts had to change and adapt – and fast.

“Everything we were going to do in previous years, we couldn’t do in the same way,” Amy Koeckes, associate director of the University’s Center for Student Engagement, said. “We had to rework every plan that we had in addition to informing everybody of the new election rules.”

Even with the challenges brought on by the virus, the University was still able to cope and even thrive."

Read the full article HERE.


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