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TikTok launches US elections app to fight misinformation

Silicon Angle, James Farrell:

The company said in a blog post that the guide will also contain information regarding voting as a person with disabilities, powered by SignVote. The Federal Voting Assistance Programwill supply information on voting from overseas, and the Campus Vote Project will help students to cast their vote. Lastly, Restore Your Vote will give information on voting for people with past convictions.

Katy Byron, editor and program manager of MediaWise at the Poynter Institute, said the goal is to help teach the TikTok community “how to sort fact from fiction online” through videos. “Our series of videos will teach first-time voters on TikTok how to spot misleading information online so they can feel confident their vote is based on reliable and accurate information and, at the same time, slow the spread of misinformation,” she said.

The Chinese-owned app just skirted a ban by the Trump administration after a federal judge temporarily blocked an executive order. Trump had earlier accused TikTok of being a threat to national U.S. national security, stating that if it wasn’t bought by a non-Chinese company it would banned from operating in the U.S. The company is currently in negotiations with Oracle Corp. and Walmart Inc.

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