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What Would It Take To Ask Every Student On Campus About Participating In Our Democracy? Local Leader

Forbes, Maddie Wolf:

When it comes to supporting student voters, there’s nobody more prepared and invested for the long term than local campus leaders at higher educational institutions. These trusted voices are faculty, staff, administrators, and student leaders who are united by the nonpartisan goal of educating students to participate in our democracy– as people, not just as transactional votes. Local leaders are doing the work of making voting accessibility a reality for the campus communities that they know best.

Knowing that fact, leaders in the student voting space, the ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge, the Fair Elections Center’s Campus Vote Project, NASPA - Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education, and the Students Learn Students Vote Coalition, have come together to create Ask Every Student, a new and innovative program that centers local leaders’ needs by working directly with them to build strategies and tools to achieve full student voter participation, on every campus, in every election. Ask Every Student is built off the research-backed framework that full student voter participation comes down to integrating individualized conversations about voting and democratic participation into existing processes that reach every student. Each campus has its own context and ideal processes within which it can apply this framework.

Read the full article here.


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