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Women's Suffrage Was a Milestone, Not an Endpoint.

Elle, Rose Minutaglio:

Raaheela Ahmed, Campus Vote Project

As Deputy Director for Campus Vote Project, Raaheela Ahmed, 27, works to reduce barriers to student voting. Normally she assists in grassroots efforts to promote best voting practices on college campuses. This year, due to pandemic-related school shutdowns, Campus Vote Project released state-by-state guidelines on COVID -19 voting and absentee voting, in addition to information on registering for the fall general election.

"Lagging decision-making and frequent or last-minute changes in voting practices from governmental entities and institutions is a big concern when it comes to voter turnout and voter suppression in the 2020 general election. That's what happened for several primary elections this past spring, and it could spell disaster if repeated in the fall. The state of our country is in an unprecedented state of flux and uncertainty due to COVID-19. The rates of infection and death are amongst the highest in the world. Folks are housing and income insecure. Schools are all over the place in their decisions to open for the school year, and our political processes are not immune to all this chaos. My hope is that our legislators and executives come together in recognizing that our nation’s forefathers got some things wrong, especially when it comes to voting, and that it is a continuous process to right those wrongs."

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